Christmas fun!

For Christmas we went to my parents and played on their 4 wheelers. I look serious in this picture because I am contemplating going over a hill and just how to do the maneuvering. The picture looks cooler than what it really was, but I like to keep people thinking that I am awesome anyways.


Our vacation

In September we finally made one of our dream vacations come true. We went to Sunny Florida. The last night we were there we went on a very romantic dinner cruise on an old Victorian paddle boat. The night was filled with music, dancing and all the ooshy gooshy love mush stuff anyone could handle. Complete with a beautiful sunset in the back ground. We hadda blast so you are forced to look at how much fun we had.

Snorkeling around the island

Edgmont Key!
We went out on a boat to go to this beautiful little island, on the way there we saw lots of dolphins playing, jumping and showing off for us. When we got to the island we explored an old spanish fort and lighthouse on it. After we looked through the exotic little island we got to snorkel for sea shells and see cool fishies. We did it all and I didn't drown! Yay for me!

Sweet car

Mustang convertible!! Yup that is what we rented while we were in Florida. It was soooo much fun. This was the first time I have ever been in a convertible let alone drive it. I felt like a hoity toidy as we were cruising down the streets. Casey did enjoy it, but he kept saying it is not as fast as his 90 mustang. I just thought we looked hot in it.

The Warm exotic beach

Ahhhh the Wonderful ocean water. I could not believe how warm the water was in Florida. It was like taking a nice warm bath. Casey literally had to pull me out of the water every day. We had fun making sandcastles, burying each other, and the usual stuff everyone does at the beach. We felt like we were kids again! But I cannot get over how white the sand was, it was so easy to mold. Just like snow only warm. I wish I could have brought home a sand box of it to play in. But, I hear that the state frowns upon stealing their sand.

Plant Mueseum

While in Florida we went to the Plant Museum in Tampa Bay. It was an old building that looked like a sultan's palace on the outside, and was very Victorian on the inside. This pic is of me trying desperately to mimic this astounding piece of art. I think I'd make a perfect model for any artist's creation.
This is the last of our Florida adventures. Phew, no more boring vacation pics. The rest of the blog is a labyrinth of pictures and things we love.


Hangin' with the kids

These are just some of the kids we hang out with to play. We love them soooo much although we are a little partial considering we either babysit them or are related to the cute little stinkers. Casey was operating our nephew and heard something coming from the diaper; they both look pretty surprised. The pic with the girls was Halloween night, we like to borrow other peoples children to play, since we don't have any as of yet.

Engineering Genius

Casey Graduated in May 2007
Majoring in Mechanical Engineering

This means he is going to make Echo rich and she will spend his money. (On student loans)

Casey worked very hard to get his degree so of course we had a big celebration on the day he graduated! He now works at a local engineering firm putting all he learned into practice. Casey chose to be an engineer mainly because he enjoys working with his hands, solving problems, and likes to find new ideas for paintball markers. Unfortunately, the engineering firm designs buildings instead of paintball guns. Who would have thought, there's actually more work in building design than paintball.
Casey also has a minor in business and hopes to one day own his own engineering firm. Echo told him to name it after her but alas, the name is already taken. This just means that the company will have to be called Exotic Echo Engineering.

Caught in action

Casey is great at playing sports. He runs at a turbo speed and has cat like reflexes. He has the need for speed. His favorite sport of all time to play is paintball. He says there is something about getting the adrenaline going when your dodging paint balls aimed toward you at a high velocity speed all the while trying to shoot the other team that gives you the Bruce Willis Die Hard kind of feeling to save the world.

Echo mainly likes to play with friends and family. None of this professional talented stuff. As you can see I am not the most graceful ball player of all times, but at least I know the dynamics of throwing and catching a ball. I am not a big fan of paintball, I can't see how getting hit really, really, really hard by a ball of paint that leaves welts all over you fun.

That's the end folks, thanks for visiting the land of randomness.