I'm finally showing! barely

I am going into 21 weeks and I am just now starting to show. I know some of you are disappointed that I don't look like I have a basketball under my shirt, but what do you want me to do about it????? DON'T HATE ME BECUASE I'M BEAUTIFUL! I am sure I will get bigger faster than I would like.


Christmas in our 1st house

We are excited to celebrate the holidays in our new home. I will be enjoying them very much. Especially now that I am done with my Christmas shopping! It will be a highly enjoyable stress free Christmas. I am asking Santa for a camcorder this year so we can capture lots of moments in our baby girl's life. As you can see I am still not showing too much if you look underneath Casey's hand you can see a tiny itty bity pooch. I am O.K. with that, it just means less belly I will need to loose after our daughter comes. Yay me for not having too loose too much weight!(So far) Also I don't have many maternity clothes. But to sum it all up things are doing wonderfully for the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas!


Her Blessing dress

Guess what was on sale for $10! Amazing huh. I was thrilled to find one so cheap. I love how it was made to add petals at the bottom of the tulle. I had too much fun playing around with it. It is so fun getting ready for a little girl! Casey is afraid that I am going to spend too much money on stuff for the baby. But I tell him if we didn't find out the gender of the baby I would not be going out buying her things already. I originally didn't not want to find out what her sex is but Casey wanted did. Guess who won.

Ribbons & Curls I'm getting my GIRL!

The one on the top she is bent over in half doing gymnastics. The one on the right she is showing her identity to the world. Then the one that looks like a scary skull she is yawning! You can see 3 of her little fingers, it looks like she is going to cover her mouth. How lady like already. Than the last one of the typical profile view. See she is already super cute!


Snow in Boise????

Weird huh. We got bout 2 inches last night. Yes it is pretty. Hopefully it wont all be gone by tonight cuz that is how it works around here. I do kinda miss having lots of snow to play in and snowman to build like when i was a kid-o. But if u look at the porch fence u can see how much we actually got. Casey did not even take his mustang 2 work cuz it is horrible on the roads. Anyways this is the adventure this week folks.