Valley of the temples

These are pictures at an old Buddhist Temple in Kanohe. Very pretty and the culture is so interesting. Casey found a hut, I am thinking that might be our next apartment since we seem to downsize when we move.

family picture

fun on the island


......................Awesome trees

I am always so amazed at the trees here. They are unbelievable in every way. They are huge, and have cool designs to them. Casey looks like he is standing on snakes. Kinda freaky in a way.

Hiking adventures

These are just some more pictures of hiking trials and parks we explore on the weekends. So So SO pretty. It reminds me of why people want to come here for vacation.

Our little aprartment

So we moved into our apartment downtown Honolulu. Behind me you can see our dinning room and kitchen. Tiny huh especially when you come from a house that had a huge kitchen and dinning room. Place in Hawaii are small. IT is hard to find a big sized one. Even the really expensive ones are kinda small. But Jetta seems to be ok with the change.


help moving here

My mom and sister came in the end of sept to help us. The funny pic of our hair is the Pali lookout. The other is the temple.

Touring Oahu

These are places that were cheap or free to go to. & jetta just looked cute here.


Hawaii our new home

Here are some pictures of the view from our temporary apartment. We are in the middle of downtown by Waikiki beach. We are so high . You can beat that. We like the place but I am not a huge fan of city life. But we will see where we end up for our permanent place. Oh Casey is somewhere in the mountains it was when he had the interview.



Jetta Jade came home on her due date May 5th. It was the happiest day of my life. Ever since it has been a hapy little fairy tale come true.

The hosptial held her prisoner

Jetta had to stay in the NICU for an entire month. These are all pics of us waiting for her to get to come home. Jetta had anemic problems, keeping her body temperature warm, eating (we had to feed hr through a tube, and then blood in her diapers. Of course they could not let her go home until she wasbetter. Having a child in the hospital works a number on your heart strings. It was the most excruciating thing I have ever had to go through.


These are JETTA JADE's first days in the NICU


I look Huge

I defiantly look like I am in my 3rd trimester. Being 8 months along I should. But people still say I don't show very much for as far along as I am. I just think their jealous cuz they don't look as good as I do when they were this far along. Besides I am sick of people telling me that.

Another update on the baby. The specialist said that the baby has a cyst above her bladder. The Dr.'s are hoping it will go away as fast as it came. But they don't act as if it is life threatening or anything scary so I am not worried about it. She is doing great other wise. Still too small, but like I said b4 i am OK pushing out a small baby.


Paincation to McCall

Casey and I wanted one last getaway b4 we had the baby so we went to the McCall winter festival. It was cold and the ice sculptures were kinda lame. Plus I froze as we waited for the fireworks. We went to a tacky place to eat called Lardo's Never go there. The meat was not cooked all the way. So I complained a lot. Needless to say neither one of us had too much fun. But we actually do have a couple pictures that looks like we might actually be enjoying ourselves. We went snowshoeing the next day. Of course being pregnant I got tired and had to stop a lot to rest. It took forever to get out of the forest. But that was our vacation that was not too fun. Why people like to go out stinkin fresh air I will never understand. How is sitting on a cold potty freezing your behind off fun? Or walking in the snow till you get blisters on your feet enjoyable?