I'm finally showing! barely

I am going into 21 weeks and I am just now starting to show. I know some of you are disappointed that I don't look like I have a basketball under my shirt, but what do you want me to do about it????? DON'T HATE ME BECUASE I'M BEAUTIFUL! I am sure I will get bigger faster than I would like.


Christmas in our 1st house

We are excited to celebrate the holidays in our new home. I will be enjoying them very much. Especially now that I am done with my Christmas shopping! It will be a highly enjoyable stress free Christmas. I am asking Santa for a camcorder this year so we can capture lots of moments in our baby girl's life. As you can see I am still not showing too much if you look underneath Casey's hand you can see a tiny itty bity pooch. I am O.K. with that, it just means less belly I will need to loose after our daughter comes. Yay me for not having too loose too much weight!(So far) Also I don't have many maternity clothes. But to sum it all up things are doing wonderfully for the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas!


Her Blessing dress

Guess what was on sale for $10! Amazing huh. I was thrilled to find one so cheap. I love how it was made to add petals at the bottom of the tulle. I had too much fun playing around with it. It is so fun getting ready for a little girl! Casey is afraid that I am going to spend too much money on stuff for the baby. But I tell him if we didn't find out the gender of the baby I would not be going out buying her things already. I originally didn't not want to find out what her sex is but Casey wanted did. Guess who won.

Ribbons & Curls I'm getting my GIRL!

The one on the top she is bent over in half doing gymnastics. The one on the right she is showing her identity to the world. Then the one that looks like a scary skull she is yawning! You can see 3 of her little fingers, it looks like she is going to cover her mouth. How lady like already. Than the last one of the typical profile view. See she is already super cute!


Snow in Boise????

Weird huh. We got bout 2 inches last night. Yes it is pretty. Hopefully it wont all be gone by tonight cuz that is how it works around here. I do kinda miss having lots of snow to play in and snowman to build like when i was a kid-o. But if u look at the porch fence u can see how much we actually got. Casey did not even take his mustang 2 work cuz it is horrible on the roads. Anyways this is the adventure this week folks.


Too many dang leafy trees

We spent most of our last Saturday raking leaves. & guess what we are going to do again this next Saturday. With 5 big leafy trees we will never stop racking leaves. I love the trees in the summer time but they are evil when they make me get out and actually burn some calories. Why did we buy a house that needs so much maintenance?! I was spoiled as a kid we did not not needed to rake leaves growing up, we had pine trees. I now know why my parents were smart and planted leafless trees.

Fortune telling Halloween

For Halloween I dressed up as a fortune teller! We had a party here at our new house! I was reading palms, and telling people what there personalities were like. Little did they know I have no clue what I do when I read palms, I just told them the things I already knew about them and they actually thought I was reading there palms. It was great I cant believe I have so many gullible friends. Just kidding everyone I know you were being nice and humoring me. It was a blast. I love Halloween. It's the best holiday! If you look hard you can see my belly. Yep I am starting show.

yahoo we expecting!

This is the first ultrasound of baby. Yes it looks like a blobby thing. But it is healthy and doing good. & So is mom! Needless to say we are more ecstatic than words can describe! I am glad that we wont have to adopt anymore that cost more and is more stressful. Even though we got a bill from the Dr saying how much it will approximately cost which is around$2,500 it is still a lot less money than having to adopt. Yes I know that is only from the O.Bo itself. That is how expensive it is to adopt. So becoming pregnant is also better on our wallet. No more stupid tests, probing, poking, and fertility drugs. I also love being prego! I can't stand it when women complain about being pregnant, Yes I agree it is hard and it sucks sometimes, But they just don't understand how wonderful of a thing it is to actually be carying a baby. Sorry ladies I have no sympathy for ya when you whine about being pregnant try adopting for a couple years then you will understand how becoming pregnant is so much easier.
Well we at least wont adopt the first one. We have developed areal love for kids who need to be adopted and want to go to a good home. So we still will someday when the time is right just not at this time.


Family camping trip

Yes, Echo went camping and survived! It will be a grand memory of when she actually enjoyed a camping trip. We hiked, swam, played in the dirt, made smores, and in the end she had fun without whining! She is a soft camper, but the great outdoors were kind to her this time and all is still well.

Cascade Lake

Such a pretty lake. Twas very coool to swim on a hot day. We also took a canoe and found some fun caves to explore!

Rock climbing

Casey l and the kids climbing up on the rocky hills.


Another Family Reunion

Tis the season of family reunions. Lots of of them when you have a big family. This pic is just the 7 of us on on Echo's side of the fam. No spouses or kids included. It is weird to see us not at tiny kids picking our noses. We are all older and taller. Look how much I take after my mom. I have her nose, cheek's, chin, forehead, and of course the girls all got the plumpy figures. Looking at old family photos of our relatives, from generations before us all the women were just as pudgy. On BOTH of my mom and dad's side. None of the girls in our family ever had a chance of getting the long, thin, lean genes. It is hopeless. Nope we look like our ancestors and there is nothing we can do about it but laugh. The next picture is the WHOLE family. Spouses and grand kids. You can say we own a lot of BMW in our fam. ( Big Mormon Wagon)

Buldging bicepts

Of course here is my husband showing off his muscles along with some of the boys. Aren't they such a handsome group!

These kids are related to me??

I new I had a lot of nieces and nephews, but holy cow put together it looks like I have more than 13 of them. I love the watermelon pic it is the perfect summer picture. & the baby is so dang cute! Don't worry there is no soda pop in it he picked it up before playing a game of kick the can. He is just too smart for his own britches


Art museum

I, Echo love art! I like all kinds of mediums and I enjoy gazing around the museum. The past few months the art museum has features ANSEL ADAMS. What a fantastic photographer. I had the time of my life frolicking through the rooms with his gorgeous black and white photos showing off the beauty of the world. His photos capture so much more than I can when I take pictures. I just wanted to show you all my favorite pictures that he has created. Notice how some objects reflect light or absorb more in the photos. It is amazing how he was able to capture so much with the lighting from the sun, and the glare of the moon.


Mystic Morning

This past month of Januray has been so foggy. In the mornings I walk with Casey to work. On the way home I took these pictures in the park next to our home. It was so gorgeous I could not help but share it with everyone. I would say myself that I should take up photography has a hobby, they are pretty good shots.