Another Family Reunion

Tis the season of family reunions. Lots of of them when you have a big family. This pic is just the 7 of us on on Echo's side of the fam. No spouses or kids included. It is weird to see us not at tiny kids picking our noses. We are all older and taller. Look how much I take after my mom. I have her nose, cheek's, chin, forehead, and of course the girls all got the plumpy figures. Looking at old family photos of our relatives, from generations before us all the women were just as pudgy. On BOTH of my mom and dad's side. None of the girls in our family ever had a chance of getting the long, thin, lean genes. It is hopeless. Nope we look like our ancestors and there is nothing we can do about it but laugh. The next picture is the WHOLE family. Spouses and grand kids. You can say we own a lot of BMW in our fam. ( Big Mormon Wagon)