yahoo we expecting!

This is the first ultrasound of baby. Yes it looks like a blobby thing. But it is healthy and doing good. & So is mom! Needless to say we are more ecstatic than words can describe! I am glad that we wont have to adopt anymore that cost more and is more stressful. Even though we got a bill from the Dr saying how much it will approximately cost which is around$2,500 it is still a lot less money than having to adopt. Yes I know that is only from the O.Bo itself. That is how expensive it is to adopt. So becoming pregnant is also better on our wallet. No more stupid tests, probing, poking, and fertility drugs. I also love being prego! I can't stand it when women complain about being pregnant, Yes I agree it is hard and it sucks sometimes, But they just don't understand how wonderful of a thing it is to actually be carying a baby. Sorry ladies I have no sympathy for ya when you whine about being pregnant try adopting for a couple years then you will understand how becoming pregnant is so much easier.
Well we at least wont adopt the first one. We have developed areal love for kids who need to be adopted and want to go to a good home. So we still will someday when the time is right just not at this time.