Paincation to McCall

Casey and I wanted one last getaway b4 we had the baby so we went to the McCall winter festival. It was cold and the ice sculptures were kinda lame. Plus I froze as we waited for the fireworks. We went to a tacky place to eat called Lardo's Never go there. The meat was not cooked all the way. So I complained a lot. Needless to say neither one of us had too much fun. But we actually do have a couple pictures that looks like we might actually be enjoying ourselves. We went snowshoeing the next day. Of course being pregnant I got tired and had to stop a lot to rest. It took forever to get out of the forest. But that was our vacation that was not too fun. Why people like to go out stinkin fresh air I will never understand. How is sitting on a cold potty freezing your behind off fun? Or walking in the snow till you get blisters on your feet enjoyable?